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JAMES Ceramic Gu10 lamp holder for standard GU10 bulb, Suitable for LED, CFL and Halogen, Use this to fit any GU10 bulb into a hard wire system. It allows you to plug in your LED, CFL or Halogen bulb, and attach it to the normal lighting wire.

If you need to order Gu10 bulb holder, then start here and JAMES will give you products that exceed your expectations.

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What is a GU10 lamp holder

A GU10 lamp holder is a type of socket that is designed to hold and connect a GU10 light bulb to an electrical circuit. GU10 is a type of base or connector that is commonly used for halogen and LED spotlights, and the lamp holder is designed specifically to accommodate this type of bulb.

G lamp types is a plug-in, U lamp part of a U-shaped, followed by numbers that light foot hole center Distance of 10mm, GU10 is the most common, of course, there are many other lamp, such as: GX6.35, GY9.5, GY6.5, GX16D, etc.

gu10 lamp holder fitting clip screwfix

All You Need To Know About Gu10 Lamp Fitting Screwfix

GU10 Ceramic Lamp Holder Sockets for LED Spotlight Downlights
Material:Steatite ceramic
Contacts:Brass / Stainless steel
Fixing Screw:M3
The length of the leads: customize.

The GU10 lamp fittings sold by Screwfix are typically made of a durable material like ceramic or plastic, and they feature two electrical contacts that connect to the pins on the base of the GU10 bulb. Gu10 socket may be designed to work with a specific type of bulb, or they may be universal and compatible with a range of different GU10 bulbs.

About product customization

GU10 lamp fitting screwfix

Screwfix is a popular retailer in the UK that sells a variety of lighting products, including GU10 lamp fittings.

GU10 lamp fittings sold by Screwfix are designed to hold and connect GU10 light bulbs to an electrical circuit, and a range of styles and finishes to suit different decor and lighting needs.

Screwfix offers a variety of different styles of GU10 lamp fittings, including fixed and adjustable fittings, as well as fittings with different finishes like chrome, brass, and white. 

The “GU10” socket type of lamp and light bulb is used to designate a “pinned” base. This can include several pin types and different numbers of pins.

Gu10 lamp fitting screwfix With connection box and mounting bracket, Gu10 connector for standard GU10 lamp With mounting junction boxes, Use this to fit any GU10 bulb into a hard wire system. 

JAMES also sell GU10 lamp fittings that are designed for use in different types of lighting fixtures, such as ceiling downlights and spotlights.

gu10 lamp holders with plug screwfix

About The GZ10 lamp holder

A GZ10 lamp holder is a type of socket that is designed to hold and connect a GZ10 base lamp. This connector is used in all fittings where the heat distributed by the dichroic reflector of the GZ10 lamp will not damage the fitting. Dichroic (sometimes called cool beam) coatings are designed to push heat back and light forward.

MATERIAL: CERAMIC BODY + PLASTICS CAP,Ceramic, white or ivory color
Wire: Silicone, Teflon cable, 0.5mm2 or 0.75mm2, length as your requests
Rating: 250V, 100W/2A
Certificate: UL, CE, VDE, RoHS
MOQ: 1000PCS

The GZ10 base is similar to the more common GU10 base, but it has a slightly different pin spacing and is not interchangeable with GU10 lamps or holders.

mr16 bulb socket replacement


1. Using to extend the wire of LED lights in building.

2. Using in LED furniture lighting, LED cabinet lighting, LED strips.

3. Used for household decoration with low voltage transformer.

4. Easy installation of LED lights.

LED Lights Mini Plug is not only used in building, but also in furniture, Cabinet and kitchen table of European families for It can be used for DIY.

Now you can order a gu10 socket without any worries!

gu10 lamp holder sockets China manufacturer

We Leave No Room For Doubt

Strong production capacity

Once the samples are confirmed, we will mass produce the goods in the shortest possible time. And we ensure high quality production of products.

Experienced in the industry

We have a 30 years’ professional service team focused on the GU10 socket. Any questions about Box Handles, our team can answer them for you.

With a full range of safety certifications

Our factory has undergone multiple certifications, including ISO, TUV, CE, UL, VDE, RoHS certification.

Outstanding product advantage

Each batch of raw materials has strict inspection and material certification. Sampling and inspection will be conducted before product shipment to ensure the quality of each batch.

FAQs About Gu10 Socket

Can you provide the free samples?

Yes, after gu10 socket price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality counter display. we will free charge for the samples cost .but the frieght is on your side.

Can you accept OEM & ODM?

Yes, we have a professional team to produce the light bulb socket according to your demands and drawing.

Who are we?

We are based in Fujian, China, start from 1991, sell to Domestic Market(40%), North America(20%), Europe(15%), South America(10%), Southeast Asia(10%), others(5%) .There are total about 200+people in our factory.

How can we guarantee quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final 100% Inspection before shipment;

Why should you not other suppliers?

JAMES products have got UL,VDE, ENEC, CQC,SAA, SEMKO certificates as well as a number of invention patents and utility model patents.Besides, we have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 license as well.Our customers include PHILIPS, OSRAM, IKEA, GE, FSL, NVC, etc.


We have the following payment methods:
1. Lead Time: 20 days after received 30% deposit
2. Payment: T/T, L/C at sight, Western Union
3. Free samples for one to three pieces, Freight on the customers’ side
4. LCL by express, e.g: FEDEX, DHL,UPS,TNT,etc 5. FCL or LCL by ship

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